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Our history

A little bit about what happened before we got here
Yes, we "pivoted" a lot to get here!

At the beginnig, the plan was to create an unprecedent
m-commerce for supermarkets. We had an algorithm
that could map consumer's profile, so we were willing
to delivery a better shopping experience.

After some changes, we were working to build an
e-commerce that could stimulate consumers with targeted advertising. We were supposed to charge companies for those ads.

After that, many steps have been taken and we are working hard to build this information marketplace. Today we have a dream that in a close future, stores, companies, agencies, people, etc. will buy and sell information at, identifying themselves
with our project and than, make a smart market!

  • Money was invested!
  • Time has been devoted!
  • knowledge and skills has been acquired!
  • Today the willpower is even bigger!